Consider yourself hugged

Wow! There are only so many hours in a day. Some days don’t seem to have as many hours as others, but maybe that is because the content of the day is different.  Today was a very busy day. We worked at our T-Shirt office.  Check out the changes we made by clicking on the word GEAR.  In the near future, we plan to have many more gear choices for you. Our latest shirt idea is from our friend Carolyn.

Carolyn Stephens is a “Twitter Friend.”  She made a comment on our blog post “Start Somewhere” that is the foundation for our deal of the day shirt.  She said: “Chris is famous for hugging. The first words he said to me when I introduced myself at WordCamp Las Vegas a few years ago were “Can I have a hug?” (Up to that point we were just “Twitter Friends”) So now the first thing I do at any gathering is seek him out for my hug. If I’m not there, I send a surrogate for a hug and a photo. Not sure where this is going – maybe a shirt that says “CYH” (consider yourself hugged).

Start somewhere…

Kudos to Josh Fisher for our Mom Pop Pow logo. Thanks to John Hawkins for making it visible. Petty cool don’t you think?

At Mom Pop Pow we talk about what’s on our mind – and – we exercise our artistic bent by making T-Shirt designs using words from Chris Brogan.

Credits:  Chris and the BTeam helped us set up the Mom Pop Pow website! Many thanks to them. They are a great team!