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Mark Horvath
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Steve and I are blessed to have two sons, Chris and Thom. Brogan men have a great love of Super Heroes. Steve’s Dad shared his Super Hero drawings with the boys and of course there were lots of comic books. Chris is still a big fan of Super Heroes. Some are not in comic books. Some are real, like Mark Horvath. He is a Super Hero to the homeless.
Steve and I recently had breakfast with Mark at the #140 conference in New York. Steve and I share Mark’s concern for the homeless. Mark asked if we had read the book “OPEN OUR EYES – Seeing the Invisible People of Homelessness.” The book was published in 2010. I heard about it, but for some reason, we did not have a copy of it.

The following week, a copy of the book arrived at our house from Mark. It is a remarkable book. It has personal stories of real people. They are sad for the most part, but also inspiring.

What excites me about “OPEN OUR EYES’ is the additional information listed below.

• Five Things You Must Absolutely Know About Homelessness
• Misconception #1: The Smelly, Dirty Homeless
• Misconception #2: It’s Their Own Fault
• Social Media for Social Change
• Compassion Bridges Divides
• We’re All In This Together
• Misconception #3: Lazy
• Palliative Care for Those Living in Poverty?
• Reflections on Homelessness
• Misconception #4: Get A Job
• Conversations and a Cup of Coffee
• A New Era of Problem Solving
• It Takes A Village
• Misconception #5: Panhandling for Substance Abuse
• Hero by Example
• Ending Homelessness Requires Social Investors
• Social Media Matters
• Misconception #6: Band Aids
• The Ecological Crisis Impacts Homelessness
• Misconception #7: Let the Pros Do It
• Invisible People: Hardly Heard… Hardly Seen… Hardly Normal
• When is Enough Enough?
• God Loves Invisible People
• 5 Practical Ways You Can Help the Homeless

Homeless is not something to be proud of, I have somehow failed my neighbor. What can I do? I am only one person. Buy the book which supports and learn how you can help.

Mark Horvath is a Super Hero, but he doesn’t mind sharing the spot light.

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