New Things

Everyone has different styles of learning. Personally, I write notes and execute those notes to accomplish a task.  When I watch a video, I don’t stop and think about how many tasks or commands had to be clicked to make the video visible.

I am extremely lucky that Steve is a techie. He is always there to help me click or push the right buttons. The problem is that I can’t do a lot of technical things without him. I forgot that when I worked in the corporate world, I used notes. I wanted to show you a video I made, but I couldn’t figure it out – so Steve helped me. Now I have notes to use for the next one.

We all have learning curves and it takes a little time to get used to a new piece of equipment or to accomplish a task. The following video you are about to see is Steve using his new handy dandy leaf blower. Please note: the video has two words in it. At the very beginning I say OK. At the very end, Steve says Ugh!

The OK was to tell Steve that I was ready to film him in action. The Ugh at the end was Steve realizing he hadn’t started the leaf blower before putting it on.

The next video is to show you how one gets started.

These two little videos may not seem like much to you, but this baby boomer is pretty happy with today’s accomplishment.

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