My three words for 2011 – in response to Chris Brogan

Note:  Mom was under the weather yesterday so we did not do a video or formal post. She is feeling better today so I think we will be cranking out a video for tomorrow.

On January 1st, 2011, Chris Brogan (our son) wrote a post titled “My 3 words for 2011”.

He chose three words to motivate him for the coming year.

His words were:  Reinvest. Package. Flow.

My three words are:  Confidence, Consistency and Curiosity.

Confidence: – something that I need to work on attaining for the upcoming year.

Consistency: a habit or skill that I need to improve on that will enable me to succeed.

Curiosity: a trait that I cultivate that will be helpful to attain new information and skills.

What are your words for 2011 that will guide you to success?

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