Have you ever seen a Moose?

My brother, Paul McKinney, lives in northern Maine. Seeing moose can be an every day occurrence in his world. The pictures in this post were taken by him. We were chatting last week. He told that he saw the two moose in the picture by the side of the road. Moose are unpredictable and may make sudden moves. They are large so you want to give them lots of space. He stopped the car. He decided to take their picture. As he reached for his camera, he noticed in the rear view mirror of his truck that there was a moose nosing around in the back of his truck checking things out. Paul waited and the moose wandered off.

I was born and raised in northern Maine. I lived in Massachusetts, and New Hampshire – all New England states with moose. I have even gone on Moose viewings, but I have NEVER seen a moose – in real life. Steve and I were out riding the ATV trail through land that was made for moose. Even though I looked very hard, I didn’t see a moose.

Moose are not particularly beautiful, friendly, graceful, or nice to live with. With that in mind, I think the only reason I want to see a moose up close and personal is for the danger element. What is happening to me?

Have you ever seen a moose?

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    As a matter of fact I have :) Just remembered when I was visiting my cousin Tom’s Home / Christmas tree farm up in Northern Mainse some where – it was cool!:) 

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