Do You Know The Correct Answer?

We can find the solution if we all work together

Fact: Obesity is a problem in America.

Fact: Obesity causes many medical problems.

Fact: No one person or group knows how to solve the problem.

Last night was the second Twitter chat #Ashamed. The purpose of the chat is to have Strong4Life remove the Georgia billboards showing overweight children. Strong4Life believes in the “Shock” factor. They are trying to “wake up the parents.”

There is a lot of support for this effort. There were more than 43 million impressions in one hour. Probably every grown woman and many men has had some type of weight problem growing up. In most cases they have unpleasant memories. Obesity needs to be addressed as the problem. The person is not the problem. The 21:47 minute video below has a lot of helpful information. I urge you to view it and share it.

In today’s world obesity has been multiplied for many reasons, food changes, food additives, lack of activity, etc. The problem is not just in Georgia, it is everywhere. It is easy to quickly come up with ten reasons why our country has a problem with obesity. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix. There is no one right answer.

The Solution

Do something – Smile.

Do just one thing – Move – Dance – Bend Over – Raise Your Knee – Walk.

Don’t judge – Say hi to the overweight person – the skinny person – the different person.

Teach – How to read a food label.

Learn – what the words on the food label mean.

Start – a neighborhood project.

Organize – an event.

Be kind.

YOU are a very powerful person.

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