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Buying gifts for Christmas can be exciting, daunting, frighting, expensive, and depressing. What to buy can be the most perplexing question. Our granddaughter showed us her list and I don’t even know what she means.  Another big question is the affordability of the item. Maybe you don’t have these problems, but if you do… These are my plans for the kids Christmas gifts.


I am going to make a memory album for each of the kids. After getting way too many photos together, I realized if I limited the memory album to just 2010, I could repeat the idea again next year and the year after. I have lots of pictures so this is a good gift idea for me. If this doesn’t work for you, how about sharing your memories.


When I was a little girl, we had candy and treats that we only had at Christmas time. There were mixed nuts in the shell. We had Peach Blossoms that I always associated with Uncle Aubrey. Chocolate covered cherries were a family favorite – they were also a great gift to give. Fragile ribbon candy was more fascinating to look at than eat. It is like a piece of art. Steve got a gum drop tree one year.  No one told him he shouldn’t eat all of the gum drops at one time. Needless to say, he got sick. He hasn’t eaten another gum drop since. Share your memories of Christmas’ past.


You have so much to give to those who are younger than you. Even if you don’t want to talk about you, talk about what life was like when you were growing up.

What kinda baby boomer were you?

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    Thanks for delightful post. What camera are you using for the video creation? I also am a boomer and have 2 grandchildren, but fairly young for this – just one month shy of 56.

    What do I recall growing up at Christmas. Well I also am in Canada, so may have some different traditions – oranges were always part of our stocking treats, that goes back to my parents being raised through the ‘Depression’, and that was all they got sometimes for Christmas, thus for us all to remember and give thanks for our improved financial status. However, there was not excess funds, and we each would receive one large gift (valued at $20) and stocking. Also homemade cookies and Christmas cake that had been fed brandy or rum since September. The Christmas cake recipe and tradition is still being done by my mother (76) and we will pass it down through the generations. It is tasty.
    As far as turkey – couple of tips 1) get one that can be cooked from frozen – they are great OR 2) order a fresh turkey – no thawing and taste is the best!

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    Since my nephews were born (they are 7 and 10 now), my Dad has created a calendar for the family every year that we all get for Christmas. The calendar contains photos of the boys through the year – playing in the pool, Halloween costumes, and so on. It has all of our important family days – birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

    My Dad spends the whole year collecting photos and carefully putting the calendar together. It’s always one of my favourite gifts.

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