The holiday season has arrived and so has all the wonderful catalogs. I enjoy all the catalogs that come in the mail. They all have something special to offer. I am amazed at the brilliance of the inventions. It is a visual adventure to see new items. Sometimes I have the pleasure of handing off a catalog to someone who is looking for a special item. Check out some unique items in the video below.

Mom Pop Pow – Where You Can Do It If You Try



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  1. +JMJ+ @TotusTuusFamily says

    I am a catalog lover, too. You mentioned a lot of the ones that I enjoy and I am grateful that you mentioned some that I will now go check out.

    Delightful post, hope you do another like it!

    • Diane Brogan says

      The amazing thing about catalogs, especially at this time of year, is that they have exciting items that I never knew existed. It is amazing to learn so many gadgets exist. Life is good.

      I am happy to hear another person admit to being a catalog lover. Thank you.

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