Being Human

Bill Cosby
Image by Kenya Allmond via Flickr

Being human means that you are not perfect. I am human. I am not perfect.

I am not a perfect person in spite of what Diane says about me.

I am not neat. I do not notice things around me. I litter my surroundings much like Bill Cosby (Whenever he uses a tissue, he just stacks it up next to him on his end table. Really! We saw him do live in one of his live stage shows.)

I am finding that while waiting for my employment as a dealer, I need to practice at least one hour a day or more.

I need to practice shuffling the cards.

I need to practice pitching the cards.

I need to practice handling the chips.

I never realized just how much I needed to learn and practice.

Maybe if I practice, practice, practice, I can get close to perfect.

(BTW – I am longer surrounded by tissues. Practice, practice, practice).

Mom Pop Pow! Where you can do it if you try!

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