Knee Replacement Today


I am very excited to announce that I am having my right knee replaced today. According to what I have read and been told, my new knee should provide pain free reliability for many many years. Watch out world, here I come. Maybe I’ll take up horse back riding.

We made it through the gauntlet of pre admissions. I think the whole deal is a test. If you can’t do all the work required before the surgery, you will not be strong enough for the surgery.

Of course there is the regular blood work, chest x-rays, and ekg that every surgery requires, but knee surgery requires more. Or maybe all surgery patients in Las Vegas go through much of this and I just don’t know about it.

I have a phone app to check in with the doctor and his assistant following surgery and for two months after. We can chat back and forth and I can attach pictures of my knee.

The equipment people have already made arrangements to deliver the equipment 48 hours after my surgery – even though I may not be home at that time. The nice man on the phone told me those are the rules – and they must be followed – per the insurance company. Yes sir, I said.

The home health care nurse and physical therapist are all set to come the day I return home. They will call me the day of my surgery to set up a date and time. I told them they may want to wait a couple days until I know when I am coming home.

It is early morning. All I have left to do is go to the hospital, sign in on the clipboard and go to the computer kiosk. At the kiosk I will enter the proper information that will allow me to proceed to surgery.

Say a little prayer for me.

Have you had knee replacement surgery? What should I know or be aware of?

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Being Chris Brogan’s Mom


It’s not always easy being Chris Brogan’s Mom. I have to curb my enthusiasm. Sometimes that’s difficult for me. To be sure, I am a proud Mama. He is a super hero and he has lots of super hero friends. I don’t talk about Chris and what he does the way I would talk about someone else. People would say I was bragging.

When I enjoy something, I want to share. It doesn’t matter if it is a tasty restaurant, a book I just read, a great movie I saw. I think it is natural for people to share those things in life that make us happy or stimulate our minds in some way.

Chris Brogan does many things. When he was little, I used to refer to him as my little butterfly because I was never sure where he was going to light. Now I am happy he never settled in one place. Following Chris has exposed me to so many interesting thoughts and ideas, people and places.

One of his latest adventures are his podcasts at Human Business Works – Radioshow. Steve and I are always so excited to listen in. We always learn something new – or we are entertained – or we are motivated.

For instance, both Chris and Jeff Pulver have been working on their health. They have been going to the gym, working out. Doing the grind. They both are working towards a goal. Jeff’s goal is to do a one handed push up on the stage of the #140 conference in NYC on June 18/19, 2013. When Chris interviewed Jeff in episode 71, the excitement was dynamic.

But wait, there’s more! If you haven’t heard any of these great podcasts, Chris has already done 82 on various subjects. Check them out. Tell me if you like them.

Do you listen to Chris Brogan’s podcasts?

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Arthritis Yuk!


Back in 2007 when I was experiencing wrist pain, everyone, including my primary care physician, said I had carpal tunnel. I didn’t really think so because my pain was not located in the region of the carpal tunnel. Thankfully I did not go to a quack doctor who operated on my carpal tunnel.

I went to Dr. Debra Mulley, an Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in the treatment of the hand. When I told her where the pain was and how extreme it could be, she instantly diagnosed my problem. She did the surgery to release the first dorsal compartment to correct my deQuervain tendonitis. It was a quick operation and I was all better in a couple days. Thankfully the pain never returned.

When my hands started developing thick knuckles, I assumed it was arthritis because of my age. The curious thing is the ring finger on my left hand. One day it just went crooked and it hurts. My other fingers do not have exceptional pain.

Because I TRUST Dr. Mulley and I knew she wouldn’t just give me a fluff answer about my age, I wanted her opinion before moving to Las Vegas. Dr. Mulley gave Steve and I a great explanation and options. She also gave us the name of a hand surgeon in Las Vegas she recommends. Trust is a powerful component of what makes us human.

Do you have any tips for me about living with arthritis?

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Meditation Secrets?

Photo by Chris Brogan

On occasion Steve will ask, “What are you thinking?” When I tell him, he says he finds it mind boggling that I can process so many thoughts at such a rapid pace. That just happens to be how my brain works. I don’t have a problem with that until bedtime when I would like to go to sleep and my brain keeps on thinking.

My amazing care giver, Dr. Marney Roemmelt, says I need to meditate. Believe me I have tried. I have read many books looking for the magic. I may have found it.

We are all unique individuals. That is what makes us all amazing. The other day I wrote “Life Is So Amazing – I Love Myself” telling how life is clicking into place for me.

I read the book Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It and think I have found the secret to meditation. I have been working on the techniques suggested in the book. They sound so simple, but they are difficult. Adding the music to the meditation has been helpful. Why is meditation so difficult for me?

Do you have any meditation suggestions?

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