iPad TV Interface

Steve shows how to connect the iPad to the television for easy viewing of what you have on the iPad.

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Party on for Charity

We attended a Charity Poker Tournament that turned out to be charity event. In addition to the poker, there were raffles, and karaoke. The most outstanding part of the event was the attendance and camaraderie of the multi-generational folks at the party. It was a great time, money was raised for charity and it was heart warming to see everyone have such a good time together.

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Cats and Touch Lamps

Steve and I have a book case bed, the kind that was very popular when water beds were all the rage. We don’t have a water bed, but we still make good use of the book storage – and the cats like the wide top where they prance around and play with the lights. They have a great time turning the touch lamps off and on. They have other routines they do, but we’ll tell you about them another day.

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If you could have only one…

Joe Sorge, of Kitchen Table Talks, asked the question, Stranded on a desert island with only one social media platform, what would it be? We thought about that for a while and decided we would probably never be a desert island, so we didn’t really answer the question.

Later we talked about starting today. If we didn’t have any gadgets or technology, what one item would we start with? After doing some pros and cons about various devices, we decided the smart phone would be the item of choice. One of the deciding factors for the smart phone is that we can attach it to the television and use the big screen for a monitor. All that is needed is a $2.00 cable and a $4.00 piece of software. The connection also works very well for showing videos from your phone. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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