Decorations at the Brogans

This has been a fun week decorating for Christmas. The cats are sure all the new stuff is just for them. They are so excited. It has been fun, fun fun. Last night the grandchildren came over to decorate the tree. They had a helper, one Chris Brogan who started decorating people instead of the tree. The tree got some decorations and everyone had a good time. The laughs, the fun, the good feelings, is what the season is all about. Happy Holidays.

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Living With Smart Phones

Smart phones are more than phones, they are hand held computers. The difference between smart phones are the applications they offer. All of this conversation has been very relevant in our house as Steve has been deciding which smart phone he was going to let me get him for Christmas. For awhile I thought it might be a New Year’s Gift, but yesterday was the big day that we brought home a new Droid Razr.

He was using a Droid X and he compared his applications to my iPhone apps, thinking he may switch to the iPhone. After due consideration, he decided he did not want to give up the apps he uses daily and relies on.

While shopping, we downloaded an app we had seen on TV that morning called ShopSavvy that lets one compare prices by scanning the bar code. Pretty cool. We also use the app called GasBuddy that shows us where to buy the lowest priced gas in relationship to where we are. As the saying goes, there’s an app for that and just about everything you can think of.

Twitter, Google, Dropbox, email, and all the extensions of my life are right at my fingertips. My flashlight always has a battery and my camera is ever ready. Life would be pretty rough without my smart phone.

There is so much available today that it would be impossible to explain it in one post. Whole books are written about applications. Have you heard about that new book called Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything by Chris Brogan?

Through this process I learned that replacing a smart phone for an experienced user is not as easy as one may think. Just wondering, did you choose your smart phone for it’s features or for the applications it supports?

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DIY soap stand
Image by zephyrbunny via Flickr

Steve and I had a wonderful conversation with our son Chris yesterday. His question: “What makes a perfect Christmas gift, like the kind you (Steve and I) gave to your parents. You know, the kind that would make Grammie laugh with delight?” We didn’t exactly answer that question, but we talked about the traditional gift that was given every year.

Grammie was a dedicated Avon shopper. About 1966 she discovered “soap on a rope” to be a perfect gift. She gave one to all the men in the family. As the years passed and the men continued to get “soap on a rope” there were laughs and groans. The laughs were probably generated because they kept coming year after year. The groans were probably a result of not knowing what to do with the “soap on a rope.” Steve built up a collection of twenty or so in the bathroom closet before we realized the “soap on a rope” was beginning to take up quite a bit of room that was needed for everyday things.

Other family traditions included food. Today I washed Grammie’s Santa candy dish that she always used for serving her special peanut-butter cherry fudge. Diet restrictions have eliminated the fudge, the fruit cake, the ribbon candy, and the chocolate covered cherries. We now serve mixed nuts in the Santa candy dish.

If there is a magic formula to gift giving, Steve and I have not discovered it yet. The joy of our holidays is the time we spend with our friends and family. The warmth of a smile and a hug are priceless. A remembered story is a treasure to be shared.

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