Paula Poundstone – Live in Las Vegas



Paula Poundstone was in town this weekend. We saw her on Saturday night. If we had gone on Friday night, we would have gone again Saturday night. Paula does observational humor. That means she does not do a prepared set of jokes. She creates humor as she observes it in the audience. There is a lot of audience involvement. Because each performance has a new audience, every show is different.

We learned that Paula has sixteen cats. She didn’t talk a lot about them, but they pop up in conversation and on her web site.

We laughed for an hour and a half with barely a breath in between. One lady stood up. Paula asked if she was alright. The lady said she laughed so hard her sides hurt. Paula replied, “Did you say you laughed so hard your thighs hurt?” Then Paula did a little rendition of Elvis rocking his hips and thighs and asking the lady if her thighs always hurt when she laughs.

Steve and I were so happy to see Paula Poundstone in person. She is often a panelist on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me, a radio show we enjoy. She is also an author, actress, commentator and interviewer. Check out her blog, Paula

After the show, there were CDs and books for sale. You could also get an autograph or a picture taken with Paula. As we waited in line to get our CD signed, I thought of my friend Linda Crim, affectionately known on line as Miss Dazey. Her favorite comedian is Jeannie Robertson.

I loved Paula’s performance and her sense of humor, but the after show was a great show too. A middle aged gentleman in a wheelchair waited for her to arrive. He wanted his picture taken with Paula, but she was on the other side of the table. No problem Paula said, she came around the table and put her arm around the guy’s shoulder for the picture. The guy’s companion was so nervous, she couldn’t get the camera to work. Paula stood there and talked with the folks until the lady got the picture. Everyone waiting was involved for that short time. Their reward was a brilliant smile from a very thankful fan. Paula went on to the next person as if this happens every day.

We were there for an hour after the show. Paula joked and laughed with everyone and was so kind. One lady in front of me had her autograph six different items, including an autograph dog. Paula did it all with a smile. Her willingness to mingle was impressive.

It is nice to see someone in person be even better than one could imagine. Go Paula.

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Jerry Lewis, American Icon


When I hear the name Jerry Lewis I think of the funny man who has the yearly telethon for Muscular Dystrophy. When I learned recently that he had an art display at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, I wanted to see his art.

The PAINTED PICTURES exhibit at the Marjorie Barrick Museum is curated by Michele C. Quinn. It presents over 200 unique photographs by Jerry Lewis taken during the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. The exhibit runs through September 27, 2014. View other offerings if Painted Pictures does not show immediately.

The abstract photos on display are a study of light and movement. As you can see in the picture above, there is light and there is movement. The first time we went to the exhibit, I looked at the pictures, but I did not really see them. The second time we went to the exhibit, I studied the pictures. I appreciated them and the brilliance of the man who made them. I silently thanked Michele Quinn for curating the show. Not only did I see the pictures, I saw Jerry Lewis for the first time. I never thought about light and movement and photographing the momentary image it created.

In addition to the pictures, there are two video shows that talk about Jerry Lewis. He is one giant of a man. Do you know that he wrote, produced, directed, and stared in many of his movies? Jerry Lewis really is a genius.

Because he has always been a movie star since the day I was born, I never studied his many accomplishments. Do you know that he taught film making at the University of Southern California. A couple of his better known students are Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

We were pleased to learn that the videos, seen at the art show, are available. Method To The Madness of Jerry Lewis can be found on Amazon. This one tells of his genius and the many contributions he made to film making. It is totally fascinating.

Jerry Lewis…the last American Clown, also shown at the exhibit, is available on YouTube. It discusses the tragedies in his life. There are almost 1000 YouTube videos staring Jerry Lewis.

Jerry Lewis is still alive, well and performing at 88. He will be at the Smith Center in Las Vegas on September 30, 2014.

If you want to be fascinated and have some laughs along the way, check out Jerry Lewis, the great American Icon.

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Sola Fiedler – Fabric Artist




Sola Fiedler grew up in London during and after World War II. That was a time when people learned to recycle, especially clothing and materials. Today Sola uses recycled yarn from thrift shops and estate sales to create beautiful tapestries like the Las Vegas one above.

The first time I saw the Las Vegas tapestry at the Trifecta Gallery, I stood in awe. My eyes traveled over the piece taking in the many details of the strip and the various landmarks that make up that name. When you look close, you can see the trees that are close to the buildings. The metallic threads that create the various streets in the background show the grid work that makes Las Vegas an easy city to travel. The mountains in the background shelter the valley city and everything is perfect. The work is meticulous. You can see this masterpiece up close and personal at The Center, 401 So. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas.

The picture above does not have the best lighting and I did not have the best camera angle. The picture below is from her website. See the difference? Take the time to browse Sola Fiedler’s other works.


I always enjoy finding a new artist whose work causes me to think about them after I have left the gallery and touches me in a profound way. Sola Fiedler is such an artist.

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Beauty is Everywhere

2014-09-02 17.54.26


Beauty is everywhere – sometimes in the most unexpected places. This art exhibit, An Affair of the Art, is at Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas. It is near the walkways, in the gardens and near the pathways. Each piece is exquisitely done. These are only some of the pieces. Steve and I enjoyed it so much, we wanted to share it with you.

A Sweet Charity The Rythem of Life

Creative Artist: Terry Ritter –

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The Scenic West

Acoma Sky City

Earlier this year, our friends Cheh Low and Yee Tan went to a craft fair at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas. They purchased a beautiful vase made by Gary Yellowcorn Louis from Acoma Pueblo. Gary invited us to visit him at Acoma, also known as Sky City. We went there this week.


The oldest part of Acoma dates back to 500AD. Gary said Acoma is the oldest pueblo that has been continuously inhabited in the continental United States. The buildings on top of the mesa are 360 feet above ground level.

Acoma View

A view from the top of the mesa looking over the areas where cattle, deer and other animals roam.

Lilly Salvador

We met Lilly Salvador, an Acoma Pottery Artist. She does more than the normal Acoma pottery. She makes whimsical things such as this awesome penguin that now lives with us.


This is an oven in Acoma used to bake bread. None was available the day we were there, so we went to Gramma Jo’s Bakery.

Kiva Cake

This is a cake prepared at Gramma Jo’s Bakery. It will be used in a Kiva ceremony.


As we drove across the country we enjoyed nature’s beauty. Natural rock formations are majestic and powerful.


We also saw lots of prairie. With the flat land, it seemed as if we could see forever.

Window Rock

In the early 1990′s we became aware of this place called Window Rock, AZ. We decided that someday we would go there and see it for ourselves. It has been updated and a nice park has been built in the area. We were happy that we stopped again to visit.  There is a statue and the story of  the Navajo Code Talker at the park. It is a nice tribute to the men who did so much to help during World War II.

Painted Desert

Our next stop was the Painted Desert. As we marveled at the beauty before us, we also discussed the miracle of vision. Cameras can not capture the same picture we see in reality. We truly are blessed to have good vision.

Petrified Wood

Wood turned into beautiful crystals is almost magic. There is a lot to see and a lot to learn at this National Park.

CB-Miss Dazey

A good breakfast is the perfect way to start the day. We went to the Cracker Barrel. It is where our friends Miss Dazey and Mr. Bruce like to go. We had this picture taken just for them.

London Bridge

When the bridge in London England was replaced, Robert McCulloch bought the old one and had to shipped to Lake Havasu City in AZ. It was taken apart and numbered piece by piece. He had it reassembled for all to enjoy today. Mr. McCulloch, the man famous for those fine chain saws also founded four cities; Lake  Havasu City, AZ; Fountain Hills, AZ; Spring Creek, NV; and Pueblo West, CO.

Four Travelers

 We had a great time enjoying the natural beauty of America


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The Millionaire Master Plan – A book review


The Millionaire Master Plan: Your Personalized Path to Financial Success is written by Roger James Hamilton and is available in four formats from, an affiliate.

The book gives you links to other sites that enable you to find your “Genius” in order to learn how you fit in the money making pyramid. After registering with the website, you will receive helpful videos and articles. It is up to you to decide how you wish to pursue your quest for a greater fortune. Even if you are just interested in getting out of debt, you can learn from their easy to understand videos.

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Time Quilting


Time Quilting is a term I learned from one of the courses I took from our son, Chris Brogan. Time Quilting is when I use waiting time to do something else. For instance, while I wait two minutes for my oat meal to cook in the microwave, I make my coffee.

I have taken many of the Owner courses and not only learned a great deal from each one, I have made wonderful friends when I participate in the groups set up with each course.

The first course I took was the sixteen week Blogging course which has been rewritten to be Blogging: The Master Course, now twelve weeks. It covers much more than blogging. Not only did I learn a lot, I made great friends who I still interact with. I highly recommend this course.

I am totally enjoying the Owner’s Mastery Foundation Group. Every day I get an email with some gem of knowledge. I look forward to it because I never know what I am going to find when I open the emal.

The Owner’s Path course is expanding my whole way of thinking. Yes, it is a business course, but it has so many good personal teachings. It is a life course as well as a business course. Notice I put life first.

Want to check out more offers, drop by

Life has so much to offer.

I hear there is a 50% off sale happening now. Check them all out.


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Class Reunion


My high school 50 years ago. 



Next year will be my 50th high school class reunion. I attended other class reunions and had a good time, but this one is different. This is the big one. This one spans a lifetime.

Yesterday I looked through my yearbook. Under each picture was the name and the person’s ambition. I wondered how many people did what they planned. How would they tell their story of the past 50 years?

Not everyone will attend a class reunion for various reasons. Shyness, distance, health, are but a few of the reasons for not wanting to attend. That is understandable, but do you ever wonder whatever happened to the people you graduated with? Did they fulfill their ambition? Are they happy or content?

Going to a reunion does not mean you would have the time or opportunity to talk with everyone and hear their story. Not everyone would be willing to answer your questions on the spot.

What if you could fill out a questionnaire and submit it to be part of a book to be published called “Class of 1965 – 50 years later.”

What would it contain?

Name in yearbook: This is the only non changeable entry.

Current name:

Your story: Fill in the blanks below or freelance.

Links to pictures and videos are welcome.

Places you have lived:



Jobs you have had:

Positions you have held:

Awards you have won:

What makes you happy:

This is your story – tell it the way you want.

I would compile all of the answer sheets into a book, format and publish it in a Kindle format. Using electronic format means we could include links to websites with pictures and videos.

What do you think? Is this a clever idea or what?

Suggestions please!

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We all have one a year whether we want to or not. When we start out in life, that first birthday is so important. We invite friends and family to watch our little one maneuver about and do what they are told, but not have the slightest idea about what is happening until they reach the second, third or sometimes fourth year of life.

My friend, Sue Turgeon, had several birthdays in her family to celebrate around the end of July. We often got together in her and Richard’s big back yard for the event. Everyone got their own birthday cake.

The year that Chris McTighe was three, I think, he was presented with a large sheet cake fully decorated with his favorite action heroes. He was sitting patiently on the picnic bench waiting for the candles to be lit. His mouth was even with the cake. I was waiting to take pictures. With a smile and an encouraging tilt of my head, Chris took a bite of the frosting as I snapped the picture. Chris took several bites as I took several pictures. Naughty me, but oh those pictures were great and everyone got a good laugh. Just for the record, I didn’t let him eat enough frosting to get sick.

Then come the little people parties. Those are the ones that are more difficult on the parents and sometimes the guests. I remember one party, just one because I refused to ever go again, at Chuck E Cheese. I think everyone but Steve and me were seasoned pros at that fine establishment.

Everything about the party at Chuck E Cheese was good except the children. They ran from place to place faster than my eyes could follow. I was asked to keep an eye on my niece, but that was impossible. I take my duties seriously and I was soon a nervous wreck.

I have enjoyed so many wonderful birthdays; my own as well as other people’s. I do enjoy celebrating birthdays. To me it is celebrating the person.

Today is my birthday. Although it is still early in my time zone, I have had a most delightful day. I have received cards in the mail, phone calls, electronic cards, Twitter messages, Facebook messages and sms messages. Every one of them is special.

As I thanked the people who sent me the messages, I thought about my relationship with that person and what we have shared. In many cases, I have many memories of lots of shared birthdays over the years.

Each memory was a gift. I remember the many parties at the Morrissey’s. The fun times with Sue and Jerry Thomas. My adorable godchild, Kathleen Cassidy, and the tons of parties we shared with her and her family. Miss Dazey with the beautiful cards. Karri Konga with her little girl excitement at her party. And I must mention our own sons, Chris and Thom, themselves and their families. Life is good.

Now I have new friends in our new home in Las Vegas. I have online friends who are near and dear to me whom I have never met. I have friends who I have met only briefly, but they are all special to me.

Thank you all for taking the time to send a greeting because that touch is truly a gift. We are all in this life together. It is all good.

Have a great day and enjoy your birthday when that special day arrives.

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