There’s No Place Like Home

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We just returned from a trip that included my high school class reunion. One of the most common questions was “Where are you living?” We all graduated from the same school, but have moved to various parts of the world. I got many smiles and exclamations of “really” when I said I lived in Las Vegas. When I invited one lady and her husband to visit us, she replied “That sounds nice, but we never stray far from the homestead.”

Steve and I have had many homes. Job opportunities gave us the incentive to move about every five years or so during our marriage. We welcomed the moves and explored our new surroundings with hope and thoughts of never moving again.

New places gave us new places to explore. Not only did we have to find food and clothing stores, we needed to know the school systems our sons would attend. We did what “we” thought was right as parents. Our sons may have a different opinion.

Looking back, I am glad we have moved many times. We do not have a “homestead.” There is no one place we are attached to. A house is a house. A home is what we choose to make it wherever it may be.

My parents had a homestead. I still remember the day we drove by the place that used to be my home when I was growing up. There was nothing there. No one told me the house was gone. “Why didn’t someone tell me the house was gone?” What happened? When? Things like this are not supposed to happen.

Steve’s parents had a homestead. We had so many fun times there. Although 16 years have passed since we last entered the place when Mom passed away, I remember every detail of that house. A few years after it was sold and occupied by someone else, we drove by for “old times sake.” They had painted sections of the lovey white house!!! They cut down Dad’s beautiful roses!! They did not even mow the lawn properly!!! To me it seemed so wrong. After I sputtered for a few minutes, Steve gently reminded me that the house didn’t belong to us anymore. Now we just don’t “drive by” previous residences.

Having a homestead is wonderful if that is how life works out for you. Moving can also be great if that is how life works out for you.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the idea of moving? Or do you like staying put and having people come to the homestead?

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Boston in a Duck Boat

2015-07-18 18.00.50

We took a ride in the Symphony Hal, (not the one in the picture) one of the famous Duck Boats that ride and cruise around Boston. We had a wonderful time. Captain McDonald, not his real name, talked constantly about the history of Boston as we drove through the beautiful city. He exaggerated his “a’s” and “r’s” and told everyone that is how people in Boston talk. You know the saying, “Park the car in Harvard  yard.” is pronounced: “Pahk the Cah At Hahvad Yahd.”

2015-07-18 16.46.34


2015-07-18 17.40.54

The Old State House was built in 1713 and still stands proud in Boston. It serves as a museum for the Bostonian Society. The new state house below is a bit larger and more modern.

The State House of Massachusetts
The State House of Massachusetts

Steve and I, with our family, lived in the Boston area for nearly 30 years before Steve and I moved to Las Vegas. I worked in downtown Boston. Many a lunch hour was spent walking the streets of Boston.

2015-07-18 17.56.06

Even street signs brought back a flood of memories such as this sign for Storrow Drive.  Storrow Drive is the way to Fenway where the Boston Red Sox play baseball. Yes, we are die hard Boston fans.


2015-07-18 17.18.54

Boston is a walking city. There are many sights to see in Boston as history is mixed with the latest technology and fashion and the finest good. There is always something to see and do in Boston. 

2015-07-18 17.22.15Trinity Church at Copley Square was founded in 1733. It is still an important church in the community with one of the greatest choirs in the world. The perfect acoustics add to the great sound. A visit to Copley Square is a highlight of Boston. Steve and I have spent so many good times there.


2015-07-18 17.30.30

We passed by older homes in Boston that now sell for millions of dollars. They are well kept and very beautiful. Boston has so much history that has become modernized and very pricey.

We worked. We played. We entertained. We cheered the Red Sox and the Patriots. We enjoyed all that is Boston. Touring Boston brings back all the wonderful memories of when we lived here.

I have many more pictures and I could go on and on about the city we love. Instead, I invite you to visit this beautiful city where history was made and life changing things are still happening. And don’t forget to visit the Museum of Science – home of the Mugar Omni Theater.

2015-07-15 11.46.50

And don’t forget to check out the dinosaurs while you are there. One even stands outside to greet you so you know you are at the right place.

2015-07-18 16.30.56-1

Vacation in Boston. It is an experience you will never forget.

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50 Years Later

Houlton High School Class of 1965 Picture by Tabatha Boles
Houlton High School Class of 1965
Picture by Tabatha Boles
We traveled over 2750 miles to attend my 50th High School Class Reunion and it was worth every mile. Based on my observations, I believe everyone had a good time.  it was a magical evening.
There is something very special about the big 50. We made it and lived to tell the story. How many members of our class are successful? If you ask me, we are all successful. I measure success by happiness. If one is happy, one is successful. Based on the smiles and the comradary, the Houlton High School Class of 1965 is a champion.
I contributed to the reunion by asking fellow classmates to write a story about what they had been doing the past 50 years. I then put the stories together in a book. It served as an icebreaker at the reunion. It also generated a lot of questions.
How many members of our class have passed away? How many are veterans?  Where are class members living now? How many were in our class?
That last question is a bit tricky. When I started the project, I thought those people in the yearbook were our graduating class. I soon learned our class includes people who left school early to fight in the Viet Nam war. Our class also includes mothers who were not allowed to be in the yearbook because they were married.  Our class also includes people who moved away, but whose heart stayed in Houlton.
People are already talking about having our next reunion in five years. Maybe technology will be such that we can make a YouTube video for those members who are unable to join us. Maybe classmates who can not attend will make a video we can share at the reunion.
For the class of 1965, the sky is the limit!
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Proud to be an American


Saturday was a day of celebration for America. People wished each other a Happy 4th of July or Happy Independence Day! Pictures of BBQs and parades flooded Facebook. People from Canada and other countries sent happy greetings to America and her people. Joy was in the air.

When darkness fell, the sky was lit with fireworks of every color, size and configuration. They sparkled for hours as if this celebration was meant to go on forever. People didn’t want to let this happiness slip away.

I am a firm believer in “hope for a better tomorrow.” America is a great country! When I was young, I wanted a big globe, about three feet across that would have a prominent place in the living room. By the time I could afford one, and the appropriate room to place it in, the world had sustained so many wars and so many countries had realigned their borders, it didn’t make any sense to get a globe that had moveable borders.

Every time I hear of some atrocity in the world my heart breaks. World War II and the holocaust was a horror that must never be allowed to happen again. Sadly the Jews are once again being persecuted in many countries. People in the Middle East are being killed on a daily basis.

In America we have our own sordid history in how we treated Native Americans and African Americans. We must be mindful that ALL Americans are created equal and are entitled to the same rights.

Because we are Americans and have more rights than any other country grants their people, we can choose to ensure ALL Americans are treated equally. We have the ability to be the avengers for atrocities that are happening here in America and in other parts of the world. Only 40 people signed the Constitution of the United States. They were our forefathers. They believed in a country where people could be free to follow their own beliefs.

You may feel there is nothing YOU can do. I disagree. If YOU contribute just one small act of kindness or share one happy thought or word of encouragement with someone every day, YOU will be a hero. YOU have an opportunity to change the world. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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