Steve checks out our next TV
Steve checks out our next TV


When Steve and I moved to Las Vegas nearly three years ago, we decided not to have cable television. The major reason for the decision was that making enough time to watch all the shows we taped was becoming a problem in our marriage.

Back east we taped everything. We made a joint decision on which shows we wanted to watch. As other interests came along to claim our attention, the hours of unwatched television collected on our DVR (digital video recorder) at a rate faster than we could watch them. As the DVR filled up, watching TV became a chore. There was a fine line between pleasure and obligation.

Exploring Las Vegas gave us even less time to watch TV, but there are shows we like to see. Fortunately for us, Netflex and Hulu have become big players in the marketplace during the last few years. Our viewing options just continue to get better and better.

True, we sometimes have to wait until the next day to see a show that is aired for the cable crowd today, but that is OK. Netflex, Hulu and Amazon Prime have original shows that cable TV does not have such as the “House of Cards.”

Our viewing habits have changed completely and we like it. Not only that, we save about $100 a month by not paying for cable TV.

All of this background information is supplied to tell you about a very real and somewhat freighting experience I had the other day.

I went to my friend’s house. Her very large television was showing the riots in Baltimore. It was so real. On our way to the kitchen for coffee, we stood in front of the TV for a minute and watched the riot. It was scary. I was so there. It was so life like, my skin turned cold. I was momentarily frightened.

It is bad enough that the riots are happening, but news people have to make the news more spectacular to keep the viewers watching and coming back for more.

When I got away from the television, I said a prayer of thanks for making the right decision. Watching television continuously is not good karma for Steve and me.

What are your viewing habits and how are you affected?

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Photo by Overstock The dining set we ordered
Photo by Overstock
The dining set we ordered

I am looking for help and advice. This is the story.

When we visited our friends newly refurbished house, I was amazed that she had turned a rundown old house into a mansion. Every time I complimented her on some exceptional piece, she smiled and said Overstock.

When Steve and I decided to buy a new dining room set we went to Overstock. Two days after ordering a lovely set, we realized it would not be big enough for hosting Easter dinner. We contacted Overstock and made arrangements to return the set and get a refund. The transaction was done perfectly. Score!

We ordered a larger dining set with adequate seating to accommodate our needs. It was delivered. We put the table together. We turned it onto it’s legs and it collapsed.

I immediately called Overstock and said “What do I do now?” That was April 8, 2015. After seeing the pictures we sent, Overstock assured me, they would send us a new table. Score.

The Overstock folks also told me they would contact me daily via email to keep me updated. That didn’t happen. Fail.

When Overstock went silent, I called and asked to speak to a supervisor who assured me, they were working to take care of my problem and whould contact me daily via email. That didn’t happen. Fail.

The supervisor sounded very helpful, but I still don’t have a new table and I don’t know when one is being delivered. Fail.

When I worked at Verizon as a Project Manager, I often encountered screaming customers who demanded unreasonable requests. The most outrageous one being a demand for service at a building that had not yet been constructed.

I think of myself as a reasonable person, but this is DAY 20. I do not feel like a valued customer. I am frustrated. I am sad.

My friend with the beautiful house has had only one damaged item from Overstock in four years. She got an immediate replacement. Score.

I have had an excellent Overstock experience and a very poor Overstock experience. Score and Fail.

What is your experience? What advice can you give me?

Yes, I will blog the outcome of this incident.

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Epilogue – On April 29, 2015, we received a new replacement table. Overstock was notified by email, Twitter, and Facebook that the new table was received and thanked for their efforts.

Elephant Parade


When I saw this Elephant Parade, I fell in line and followed it to the Exclusive Collections Gallery at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. There I met Marilyn St-Pierre, Art Consultant. She is the one who gave me permission to shoot a quick photo of the picture you see above. Elephant Parade and many other works by Michael Summers are on display there.

The whole gallery is a delight, full of beauty in paintings and other unusual works of art such as the dance sculpture below called Jamin.


While chatting with Marilyn, I learned about the mailing list and got signed up for that. I don’t want to miss any “happenings.” This coming weekend, April 24, 25, 26, 2015 at the Las Vegas Exclusive Collections Gallery, there will be a live art demonstration by Steve Barton. He is a modern impressionist painter.

In the series below, you see the tropical scenes that he is popular for. At the Las Vegas show you will also see paintings that are unique to Vegas. I am excited that I am going to be seeing his work up close and personal.


When I was growing up, all of my art exposure was by viewing pictures in a book. I remember my first trip to the Museum of Fine Arts In Boston, I can still “feel” what it was like to see Renoir’s La Danse a Bougival. My first reaction was that the painting was as large as me. The dancers were my size. The scene is so vivid, I could join them. The painting is so real, I “felt” the excitement of the dance and the event. I was so happy. I didn’t care that the painting was a masterpiece. I appreciated the work of Renoir and how the painting made me “feel.”

My second great awakening happened when I saw an original VanGogh. He used a lot of paint that gave his landscape pictures depth and texture. It was an “ah ha” moment for me. It was then I realized that art gallery visitations would be part of my life.

VanGogh was fond of sunflowers and Steve Barton also paints sunflowers as you can see in the picture below. Join the fun at the Exclusive Collections gallery in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on April 24, 25, 26, 2015 between 2 – 7 PM to meet Steve Barton and see him paint small originals that will be for sale.


Steve and I hope to see you there.

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Mortal and Sovereign – Two Book Reviews

Parts two and three of The Book of Mortals


See our review below:

Mortal by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee, narrated by Henry Leyva is part two of the trilogy.

This story follows the first book, Forbidden, 480 years in the future where there is no technology and all base emotions of humanity has been removed except fear.   Rom Sebastian discovers the truth about his life.  He was a corpse until he took the ancient blood that turned him into a Moral, with a full range of feelings.

In the second book, Mortal, Rom Sebastian becomes the leader of the Mortals of both the Keepers and the Nomads.  His duty is to bring a young boy to power as the new sovereign.  The boy, Jonathon, as prophesied, already had the blood of the ancients. In nine days Jonathon would rule.

Others were vying for power.

Rom’s only duty was to protect Jonathon from all harm until he took the throne of sovereignty.

Jordin, a young nomad woman, was assigned to protect Jonathon with her life. It got complicated when she ended up falling in love with him during the process of guarding him from harm.

The events that transpired sets up what follows in “The Book of Mortals – Sovereign”, the conclusion of the trilogy.


 The conclusion of the trilogy had all groups battling each other for control of the world. Two of the three groups were bent on destroying their enemies so that the surviving group would control the remaining ‘corpse’.

But one of the few remaining sovereigns created a deadly virus that would wipe out everyone except the few remaining sovereigns and corpses.

The battle at the end was a race between which group could kill the other before the deadly virus killed them all.

The only ray of hope was that all could be saved by taking the blood of Jordin.

These books have so many thought provoking ideas, it is difficult to do a short review and include all of the details.  We leave that to you, the reader and/or listener.

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Mortal (The Books of Mortals) can be purchased by clicking this affilate link.

Sovereign (The Books of Mortals) can be purchased by clicking this affilate link.